Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

We would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Morgan Termite & Pest Control! We hope you have a fun and safe Christmas!

-Morgan Termite & Pest Control

Preparing for Pest Control

Preparing your home for Pest Control

Imagine that you are just getting back from a nice family vacation and when you get home you walk into the kitchen to get a nice refreshing glass of water, only to find our that your sink have been taken over by ants… This is not what you want to have to deal with just getting home. You are thinking about what to do, DIY pest control or call Morgan Pest Control and have one of our trained and licensed techs come out to fix it. The following are some tips that will make it now only easier on our techs but it could have a better chance at keeping the ants away for a longer period of time. 

Preparing for Ant Control Services:

Before we have a tech come out to your home, most companies will leave a couple steps to help prepare for that service. We don’t just give these to you to ignore, these steps make it easier for our technicians to do their job and make it the safest way possible to do so. For these reasons if your home is not properly prepared for our techs they may be required to not treat that area and will have to come back another day. We want our techs to be as safe as they can while out at your house. 

  1. Wipe counters, sweep floors, and clean up any spills that are in the kitchen to reduce the ants food source. 
  2. Vacuum the floors to pick up ALL the crumbs, especially the ones you can’t see.
  3. Store all your food in pest-proof containers.
  4. Empty trash regularly.
  5. Wash dishes and/or run the dishwasher regularly.
  6. Never leave any pet food out after the pet has finished eating. 
  7. If you recycle always rinse containers out thoroughly.
  8. Be prepared to answer any questions that the techs may have, including where you have been seeing the ants or where they have been in the past. 

After the Pest Control Service:

  • Be patient. The bait will not immediately kill the ants, the bait will take time to kill the ants. Baiting is the best way to get rid of the entire colony of ants. 
  • Do not spray any insecticides or kill any ants that you see. The ants that you will see, need to continue eating the bait and taking it back to the colony. Do not kill them, they will die on their own. 
  • Avoid using any strong cleaners, especially near any of the bait. You could get rid of the ants pheromone trail that the rest of the ants are using to find the bait. 
  • Leave all the ants that are heading towards or away from the bait alone. They will bring some of the bait back to the queen the queen will also die from the bait. 
  • Let us know how we did and if there was a problem with our service.

Pest Control – 5 Ways It Can make Your Holidays Merrier

Everyone loves having a great holiday break and spending time with family and friends but did you count on the extra pests coming into your home for the holiday celebrations? No one ever wants extra unwanted guests in their home, especially when you already have guests that you love having in your home. Everyone just wants to have a worry free holiday with their friends and family. Below are 5 ways pest control can make your holidays merrier and keep those unwanted guests away:

  • Keep your Kitchen Clean- The holidays are times where most people spend their time cooking and baking. Always make sure you clean up your kitchen every time after you are done cooking or baking. Pests, mostly ants, can smell the littlest piece of food and come in to find it. Also make sure that you properly seal off all opened food, whether its canned food, bagged food, or your yummy leftovers. 
  • Keep your firewood stacks away from your home- It’s cold outside and a lot of people use this time of year to have fires going inside their homes. Yes, some don’t need wood but others are wood burning fireplaces. If you do use firewood, keep it stored away from your house and try to keep it covered the best you can. Pests like to stay warm and will make their own homes in your stacks of firewood. 
  • No bed bugs- Guests at your home over the holidays can be hard but you love them and always have the best time. However, there are times when you need a break and everyone needs their own beds. Well you don’t want any of those beds to have bed bugs do you? Keep your sheets clean and use regular pest control services to help keep the bed bugs away. 
  • Know where your tree comes from- Decorating a Christmas tree for the holidays is one of the biggest traditions that most people love to do with their families. However, if you don’t know where that tree comes from you could be bringing pests into your home without even knowing. If you don’t know where your tree is coming from make sure to shake the tree out and inspect it for any pests before bringing it into your home. 
  • Use regular pest control services- It can be kind of embarrassing when your guests come over and they keep finding pests around your house. And you don’t want your kids, Christmas Morning, running around chasing roaches or other pests instead of chasing their toys. Everyone just wants to enjoy their holidays with their friends and family and not have to worry about unexpected and unwelcome guests. Call Morgan Pest Control today to schedule services! (702)467-8224

Why Morgan Pest Control?

Do it Yourself Pest Control vs. Professional Pest Control

Are you having problems with bugs or spiders? What do you choose to do, try different DIY concoctions or do you call Morgan Pest Control to come get rid of them for you? If you call us we will send out our trained and licenced technicians to your home to get rid of them. You will not have to worry about anything when you call us. We have better pesticides and our treatments could end up costing less in the long run. We can tell you that calling us will turn out better for your situation in the long run. 

No Worries:

When you are trying out DIY’s you never know if they will actually work and you are always worrying about if they are working. Well we you call and have us send out one of our technicians you only have to do a couple things to get ready for us and we will do the rest. You don’t have to worry about getting rid of the bugs. 

Trained Technicians:

We take great pride in making sure that all of our technicians are well trained and licensed and know exactly what to do in your situation. Customer service is a big thing for us, we want you to have the best experience that you can and keep wanting us to come back to us. All of our techs have a lot of knowledge when it comes to pest control. 

Better Pesticides:

Have you ever seen those DIY’s that always have the best comments and then you try it and it doesn’t even come close to working? That is the risk you take when doing DIY’s. We know exactly what pesticides to put down at your house and the right amount. Don’t waste your time with the DIY’s, call us and set up an appointment. 


The DIY pest control that you find might not tell you ever chemical that is in it. That could end up being very dangerous to those who are around it. Morgan Pest Control knows all about the chemicals we are using and how dangerous they could be. Our techs are trained and tested on the right amount and the right chemicals to use at the right time. 

Cost Less:

Most DIY pest treatments are short-lived and don’t work very well. You could buy the cheap mouse traps or the cheap ant traps and put them out but they don’t work for very long. Paying for a pest control service could end up cheaper in the end, after always spending little bits of money over a long period of time. By the time you realize the DIY remedies haven’t worked, a pest infestation may have blossomed. The problem is now out of control and professional treatment may be more expensive.

Free Callbacks:

If you didn’t like the way our services turned out for you and would like us to come back out and try to make it better please let us know. We typically do not charge for a call back, depending on what the service was. We want you to have a great experience with us and if we did something wrong we want to make it better. 

Call Us:

If you would like to switch from your DIY concoctions and go with Morgan Pest Control, give us a call at (702)467-8224. We will help to get rid of any pest control problems you may have and answer any questions that you need answered.