Bed Bugs

BedBugBed bugs are small, flat, brown insects that can infest an area very quickly. These little pests live in mattresses and feed off unsuspecting sleepers. Bed bugs do not like the light, so, during the day, bed bugs scurry from the mattress to hide in other areas of the home, like under baseboards and in other close furniture like headboards and box springs. The most common ways that bed bugs infest a home are through secondhand furniture and extensive traveling. However, it is possible for bed bugs to make their way into a home by hitching a ride on hosts or, if in an apartment or condo setting, the bed bugs can move through the walls and affect other units.

There are a few signs of bed bugs to look out for including bite marks on the host, small, brown bugs on the mattress and bedding, and fecal deposits throughout the bedding. If any of these signs are spotted, it is important to call in professionals to put a stop to the infestation as quickly as possible. Extensive bed bug infestations can be very expensive because, in extreme cases, homeowners may have to get rid of all soft furniture in the home.

To avoid this costly consequence, homeowners should do what they can to prevent bed bug infestations. The best ways to prevent an infestation are to cover mattresses in a bed bug resistant protector, vacuum regularly to sweep up any bed bugs that find their way into the home, and to thoroughly check any secondhand furniture brought into the home. At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, it is important to call Morgan Pest Control to eliminate any bed bug problems and prevent them from reoccurring.