Many different types of bees can be found across North America. Bees are known for their painful sting and their ability to pollinate plants. There are two different types of bees found in Southern Utah. These bees are the European honey bee and the Africanized honey bee. These two types of bees look and behave very similarly, but they do have a few major differences that are important to be aware of.

European Honey Bees

European honey bees are the type of bee that most people think of when talking about bees. These bees are also known as the common honey bee or the western honey bee. These bees were brought to North America by colonists but they are now found around the world. European honey bees live in both natural and man-made wooden structures. The worker bees spend their days flying from flower to flower in meadows, yards, ,bee2and wooded areas to produce enough honey to sustain the colony over the winter. They are also used by beekeepers to harvest honey and beeswax. While they may produce delicious food products for humans, they can also be an annoying pest to have around your property.

Africanized Honey Bees

Africanized honey bees arrived in Texas in 1990 and have since begun encroaching on other states, including Utah. They are like European honey bees in many ways. They live in colonies, can only sting once, and carry the same venom as a European honey bee. Even though they have the same stinging characteristics, Africanized honey bees are much more aggressive than European honey bees, which is why they are sometimes called “killer bees.” When they feel their habitat is being threatened, they come out in droves to attack the threat. This can result in a dangerous number of stings for unsuspecting people and pets. They are often found in everything from boxes and cans to unused vehicles and deck rafters.

No matter the type of bee, it is important to make every effort to keep away from the colony. Never provoke 20130515_085151bees or try and eliminate their hives. If bees begin to attack, it is important to cover your face and run quickly and safely into a far-away area of cover. The dangerous nature of bee stings means that dealing with bee infestations is a task best left to professionals. When you find a hive in a dangerous area of your property call Morgan Pest Control to come out and inspect the area and form a plan to keep you and your family safe from painful stings.