Rats & Mice

There is nothing worse than hearing cellophane in the pantry ruffling, finding small rodent droppings, or seeing a furry critter dart across the floor out of the corner of your eye. Knowing that you’re sharing your space with rodents can be downright creepy. The two main rodents that find their way into homes are mice and rats. Both can carry diseases, cause serious damage to property, and be very annoying to deal with.

ratMice: There are quite a few different types of mice that live in Southern Utah. The two most common mice are field mice and white-footed mice. Field mice are mostly just a nuisance, but they can cause property damage and spread some diseases to people. They may chew holes through walls and insulation, build nests in the walls, attic, and basement, and can even chew through electrical wires, which can pose a fire hazard. White-footed mice can cause the same issues as field mice, but they also carry a disease that is deadly to humans. Hanta-Virus is a sometimes-fatal disease that is spread through the feces of white-footed mice, so it is important to eliminate mouse problems as soon as they become apparent.

Rats: Black rats and brown rats are species of rats that originated in Asia. They are usually referred to as Old World rats or true rats. Rats are larger than mice, with some reaching up to one pound in the wild. Rats can cause extensive property damage through chewing, urine and feces, and nesting. Like mice, they reproduce quickly and have large litters of young, so a small rat problem can turn into a big rat problem quickly.

To get rid of both mice and rats, call Morgan Pest Control so that we can set up an inspection and develop a plan to eliminate any mouse or rat problem you may have.