There are many different types of spiders that live in Nevada. While most of them are small and don’t cause any issues with homeowners, there are a few species of spiders that require treatment. The three most common spiders that people want rid of in this area are black widows, wolf spiders, and camel spiders. These spiders can be annoying, terrifying, and, in some cases, dangerous.

Spider_Black1Black Widow Spider: Black widows are the most venomous spider in North America. The females, which get their name from killing their mate after mating, have a very distinct red hourglass on their black abdomen. The rest of the spider is black, as well. Male black widows are usually a brown color with white markings. They are much smaller than females and are less venomous, too. Their webs are spun close to the ground and they prefer to make them along the bottom of block walls. Unless guarding an egg sac, black widows are shy, skittish, and are only active at night. It is best to avoid any area with suspected black widow activity and call professionals to safely rid the area of these spiders.

Spider_Black2Wolf Spiders: Wolf spiders can get very large, which is why most homeowners want rid of them. They do not build nests, so they hunt on the ground. They will find a place to hide and jump out to attack their prey. They are not venomous, so they don’t carry a risk to people or pets. They will, however, bite if provoked. Though these are not dangerous pests since they do not hurt people or damage property, they are still very bothersome to have around your home.

Camel spiders: Camel spiders are known by many names. Wind scorpion, sun spider, and vinegaroon are all names that refer to this large, tan spider. Camel spiders are very aggressive and can bite with great force. They have even been known to chew on their victim and, since their secretions numb the area, the victim doesn’t even know they’re being bitten. Though they are not venomous, a camel spider bite is extremely painful. If camel spiders are found, it is best to keep away from them and call Morgan Termite and Pest Control to eliminate them and prevent their reoccurrence.
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