Residential Pest Control

Over the last 55 years, Morgan Pest Control has become a leading provider of pest control services in Southern Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.

Customized Extermination

We create an extermination plan and customize our plan of action based on the home, types of pests, and many other important factors.

The climate in Southern Utah and Nevada creates what is called a “high pressure” location for pests. The temperature and weather conditions are favorable for many types of pests year-round. This makes ridding homes of pests especially challenging.

Rather than going into each situation with a “one size fits all” approach, we tailor our service by considering what was found during the inspection and taking into account the information given by each customer. This allows us to customize the treatment plan and rid each home of unwanted pests as effectively as possible.

Controlling Pests Inside and Out

The best way to avoid a pest infestation in a home is to make sure pests never get in in the first place. Since pests originate outside and then invade buildings, Morgan Pest Control works to prevent bugs from infiltrating homes, exterminate the pests that have already infiltrated the area, and create a barrier to prevent an infestation from happening again. We will treat the outside, inside, and garage area of the home so that the entire area is thoroughly treated.

After the initial treatment, Morgan Pest Control will set up a regular treatment schedule where they will focus on the exterior portions of the home to ensure the home remains pest-free.

Morgan Pest Control Services are Fully Guaranteed

Occasionally, pests may return to areas in the home despite a thorough pest control treatment. In these cases, Morgan Pest Control will re-service the inside of the home at no additional cost to the customer. This full guarantee means that homeowners will never have to suffer through annoying pest issues as long as they are Morgan Pest Control customers.